How to start a conversation with someone on your online dating app

First impressions are the most important thing when it comes to online dating. With the broad amount of choices for dates, the decision-making process of choosing if a person is a contender can take as little time as a few seconds. Catching the attention of a potential lover will be the first obstacle to get a date.


Keep the interest 

Once you’ve done that, then it is only a matter of keeping their interest sparked long enough to make an impression on the person. Whether it is simply for casual dating or a possibility of a long-term relationship, getting over the hurdle of having that initial contact on online dating apps can make or break a connection. You can find some useful tips on

Make the first move

On the flip side, if you have been looking around the profiles on your online dating apps and see someone you like, then the first move will be for you to make the first move. This may cause anxiety for some people since the fear of rejection can be really intimidating. However, the great thing about online dating is that the worst-case scenario is that a person will simply ignore your message altogether. It is not like when you are in a bar and you have to walk up to a complete stranger and introduce yourself.

Sending a message

You don’t even have to start up the conversation as you would when meeting somebody for the first time in person. Sending a chat message that’s generic and uninteresting is only asking for you to be ignored. Remember that you may not be the only one who wants to introduce themselves so you better make sure that you stand out of the crowd.

A common interest

Reading their profile and asking her a question about a common interest that you have. Take the time to get to know a bit about the person you want to message so you will get an idea of things to talk about. You can take the leap but making sure your jumping into shark-free waters is even better.

Give a compliment 

Complimenting them – everyone loves to be flattered! Do this with a related question as a follow-up so they won’t just reply “thank you”. Get their attention but also try to keep it long enough to establish a friendship or connection.

Honesty works

Try being honest when using online dating apps. Most of the time, people, especially women, will go for the most authentic-sounding messages than the ones that seem canned or forced. It is good to be honest but make sure you are not rude and are sensitive enough not to be too honest to the point that it will be treated as an insult.

Be confident 

Be sure that you are aware of your tone of voice when messaging. A little amount of self-confidence is naturally needed to brave the unknown and talk to a stranger. However, there is self-assured, and it is egotistical. Read over your message so that it won’t come off as being too full of yourself. A subtle sense of confidence is all that it takes. Too much can lead you to be ignored.